Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The FinaL Healing; A Three day travel for a One day Destination(Coorg)

Saturday, April 20th 2013
Some time about 8PM on a cell phone running more than a tad bit low on battery, an 80's matador model cruised through the jungle with the grass overgrowth way higher than half the sky. The only light, was the one being flashed on the overtly rocky road ahead. It was hard to tell whether the sweet smell of marijuana emanated from outside the vehicle, or the inside. All that could be guessed was a solid purpose.
After being in a "Live In" relationship with my girlfriend "versatility" for a better part of the last 3 years as an "Advertising Student" in one of the most densely populated cities in the world(Mumbai), i'd begun to believe that every chance of being able to travel further into my own country was more than an "Auspicious sign".
After a 14 hour journey from Mumbai(by bus)to Bangalore, It had been about 6 hrs since we had departed from Bangalore(Karnataka) in search of the forests of Coorg through the city of Mysore, not just to camp in the womb of mother nature herself, but also to reincarnate our minds into birthing a perfectly psychological child. It would have been quite easy for us to lose ourselves inside the fascinating black hole of music, nature and space had us soldiers not been time bound. I believe that nothing gives more of a thrill than the self sustaining ability to beat time. Even if we disregarded the self motivation, i could have sworn some people later claimed to have seen Rainbow colored Dinosaurs and having smoked a pipe with Sanjay Dutt in his jail cell, the very next day.
The mini bus seated nine people, four gigantic speakers and one bicycle. Behind was another matador van that housed the same number of units and the third bus was on its way.
At about 10 PM, the vans halted at the edge of a clearing that paid homage to a beautiful lake right in front of it.
With half a kilogram of seasonal Pork inside my belly slyly complimented by freshly fermented Red Wine from the local wine yard, i took a step forward towards digestion and a much anticipated night ahead.
"Imagine a valley, tempted by a lovely lady lake, the sun spraying on the forest, the moon at its wake. In each moment of peace, when nature's all around, they all hear the sound, the sound that's all around." - Original Quote
Its what they say about perception that most morally signifies my humor towards life and people in general. They say that the importance of a person in history is deducted on the basis of his conscious presence in any event under consideration, what they don't tell you is that the ones who speak a bit too much aren't left with much importance either .. when you step into the forest, it is most wonderful to be in a state of mind where you find the terrain most welcoming and abundant with gifts of the soul, but then you must also be smart enough to know your boundaries and what is hallowed.
It was 1 Am and there had been a lot on the menu that night, some things that could or may not be categorized as a legal substances. Surely, i mentioned that there was a stargazing dance apparatus set up for us to be able to blast music through the valley all night with complete devotion to our bodies and no recession to the minds. We let a certain high set in; the music, the wind, the trees and the valley, the dreamers, the finders, the timers, the keepers. Let the dance begin.
"Its amazing how the energy with which a person performs the art of true dance, comes solely out of his motive to be entirely one with the act, without a moments hesitation for thought or gravity." - Original Quote
I let my tongue out of my mouth, staring indefinitely at a snow icicle moving downwards through the frosty midnight sky when some one screamed "Sunrise!" . I must have been a little deeper inside my mind than i should have been at 6 AM because it doesn't really ever snow in Karnataka, plus the night was long gone. I lit a cigarette in celebration of the astral tuning and mental programming that the night which had just gone by had provided me with. Ironic? Mental notes from the night in the Forest -
1. Only an ARTIST and not a DJ can REALLY play with your mind when you're high.
2. People should Stop IDOLIZING in general, you know your(you're?) GOD, n he doesn't have to look like ROBERT DOWNEY Jr.
3. Not ALL is won by being yourself, not ALL is lost in trying.
4. TERRORISM is not as much of a threat as RELIGION.
5. There is only one DEVIL and he lives in you. There is only one GOD and he lives in you as the better half of the DEVIL.
6. The PEN is mightier than the SWORD, but a SPEAKER is louder than an ELEPHANT. Go figure.
After 4 hours of maniacal dance and celebration, the morning Sun came in perfect to let the eyes register in the detail that had been lost within the magic of the night that had just gone by. Stories had been shared, jokes had been cracked and tragedies had been discussed. Some in verbal contexts and the others in understanding glances. Just one little cluster of people had suddenly grown so much bigger in their understanding of the world around them. Some discussed politicians, while the others doubted the authenticity of the media. Then there were others who simply wished to pick up guns and start firing at the strategically diminished reflections of their own selves from across the Line of Control, but eventually all discussions were healed and put to rest by the beautiful, beautiful Sun.
"Whenever you behold something truly breathtaking, look at it like an overwhelmed Picasso, So lost in what he see's to ever speak of what he saw." - Original Quote
After a lazy morning leading up to a good South Indian Breakfast(Idli, Sambar, Rasam and Watermelons), the afternoon was just an excuse for everyone to grab a recliner and bring in their poison and some meat. The Kodagu(Coorg) district of Karnataka is spread over 4,102 square kilometers and is abundant in both its glowing land and amber green waters. Rambo would have stayed well fed and hidden here, had he chosen wisely. The lake seemed very inviting in the heat that built up as the day began to mature but a cold shower and some sleep(forest tan?) would be equally good.
As the evening set in after random recreational activities throughout the day, it was time to pack our bags and remind humanity of our existence once again. with all logistics and devices loaded on our vans, i bought my last bottle of fresh Wine n boarded the bus. The eyes would listen no more.
i opened my eyes at 3 AM on the 22nd of April feeling like Morrison riding the storm, only to realize that we were back in Bangalore, with everyone feeling that this was the first time the matador had halted. A little more sleep and an early start would get us on our way to Mumbai the very next day.
What a Weekend.
As untimely drizzle began to flirt with with the possibility of an inherent nostalgia that sets in to most travelers with attachment problems(its rare), i stared out of my bus window one stop away from home, knowing what i had to do, building the heart to begin doing it.
"You're growing up and the rain some how remains on the branches of the tree that will someday rule the earth, and its good. It clears the month of your sorrow rainbow expressions, and clears the streets of the silent armies, so we can dance." - Leonardo DiCaprio, The Basketball Dairies.
p.s. I guarantee better pictures in the upcoming posts :)